Design Process

Professional On-site Consultation

Clients find this consultation very important and useful because they can make further decisions and/or changes in regards to their project based on the professional information they receive from us.

We will be discussing:
1 - Your needs
2 - Design options, ideas and sustainability
3 - Site and/or building analyses
4 - You will be receiving advice on:
a) Issues related to Planning Schemes/Town Plans of local Councils, if applicable, and
b) Structural and Aesthetic solutions.

The outcome will be to achieve the best and practical CONCEPT DESIGN.
NB: A quotation letter will be sent to you within two weeks.

Site Measuring

Upon your approval of our quotation, a meeting will be organized to finalize contract formalities, measure and take photos of the existing building.
A minimum of two hours should be allowed for this process.

Concept Design

A preliminary Concept Design (floor plans, elevations and 3D view) will then be produced based on the initial consultation. At this stage revisions and changes are possible to be made to fine-tune.
Changes done during the Working Drawings will incur extra costs. This is the time to make alterations.

Development Application (DA)

If a DA is necessary all the required documents will be provided.
Costs: Town Planning Application (approval) and Town Planner report costs will vary according to requisites.

Other Consultants

Preparation of contour, detail plans showing locations of trees, ground slopes, etc. are prepared by the Surveyor. This is necessary to position driveway, pedestrian access, cut and fills and retaining wall heights and establish the maximum allowed height for a structure above natural ground.

Geotechnical Engineer
A report of Soil Classification is a Legislative requirement for slabs and footings designs.

Structural Engineer
Design and/or certification of footings and slabs, steel beams, retaining walls, structural systems of complex nature, are required.

NB: Before engaging these consultants, their fees will be confirmed. If it exceeds the estimated costs, clients will be contacted for approval. Clients will be able to use their own consultants if they wish to do so.

Working Drawings

After the approval of the Concept Design, the Working Drawings will be finalized.

It consists of:
site plan and specification,
existing and proposed floor plans,
proposed elevations and
proposed sections and details.

Added to the above documentation are the Structural and/or Surveyor Drawings, produced by the respective consultant.
It consists of:
slab and footings layouts and details,
floor framing,
bracing plans and schedule
tie-down schedule and details
survey detail/plan

NB: Detail Drawings of kitchen, bathroom/ensuite, laundry and production of finishes specifications are not included in the Working drawings. If required it would attract an additional fee.

Council Submission (Private Certifier)

Once the documentation above is finalized, it will be submitted to a Private Certifier for Building Approval.

4 sets of Working Drawings for Building Application (provided)
2 sets of Working Drawings for Plumbing Application (provided)
2 sets of Working Drawings for Energy Efficiency (provided) Rating(provided)
Q Leave Levy (if the works estimate costs is AUD$80,000.00 or more)
Respective Application forms

An additional fee is charged for documents lodgement services.
The respective applications fees are payed separately by cheque or money order.

NB: An extra three (3) sets of drawings will be provided to you for pricing/tender with builders. It is strongly recommended to our clients to get a construction quotation for the project before submitting it for Building Application Approval.